Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year, New Opportunities says Louisville Trophy Company

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is over and the New Year has finally made its appearance. With 2018 here, people have started to look back at their accomplishments and failures of 2017 and make goals for the New Year. Speaking of the accomplishments of last year, we shouldn’t forget the people who were able to bring your business this far. Your employees are the lifeblood of the company and although pointing out flaws is extremely important, recognizing their achievements is just as critical. Having a Louisville engraver personalize awards for your employees is a wonderful idea. A Louisville engraving is sure to make any gift all the more appreciated and personal and your employees will be thrilled to receive them.

As a Louisville trophy company, we know the ins and outs of Louisville engravings and how much of a difference they make in gifts. Recognizing your employees with the help of a Louisville engraver will go a long way and bring up the morale of your workforce. With this in mind and with your employees happy, the New Year is sure to be successful. Engravings can go on just about anything. If trophies aren’t your style, then you can try out a Louisville plaque. Plaques are elegant and decorative, making anyone’s workspace a place to be proud of. For all the employees who didn’t quite make the cut of receiving an award, promotional products in Louisville are always quite popular and a good way to advertise depending on what you decide to use. Everyone can get a small trinket that they can use in the outside world that’s personalized for them but can also have your companies name and logo on it.  With the employees taken care of and the goals for the New Year set, you can start looking forward to a prosperous 2018.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Louisville Engraver Explains Ways to Show Employees Your Thanks

When someone does something for you, it makes sense to say thank you, even if you pay them to do it. A lot of employees, however, can go years without receiving any sort of appreciative gesture for their work. Even the business its self can receive a corporate award in Louisville while the employees who run the business don’t get any acknowledgement. A few gifts to give employees to show appreciation are Louisville trophies, plaques, and engravings.

Awards and Trophies

Besides actually telling your employees how much they are appreciated one on one, gifting them with an award or trophy is the most common way to show your thanks to your workers. When a business wins a corporate award in Louisville, who was it behind the scenes that helped the business get to where it is today? Employees are the lifeblood of a business and deserve recognition. Louisville trophies are easily customizable and can be made relevant for any business occasion. For a little personalization, it is easy enough to find a Louisville engraver to put the employee’s name on the trophy. If you feel that awards and trophies are used to often, there are many other ways to show your employees how thankful you are for them.

Plaques and Engravings

Another common way to show your employees your appreciation is by getting them a custom plaque. Louisville plaques can be designed any way you want them to be and can even include an engraving. Engravings are never a bad idea as they make the gift a little more personal and show your employees that you put effort into the gift. Engraving in Louisville is as easy as pie as most award shops offer to engrave as well as provide the products you need. With such a simple and easy way to show thankfulness, there is just no excuse for employees to feel unappreciated.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

The Best Award to Give to Each Type of Person

Awards Center is a leading benefactor to providing trophies in Louisville, KY. Among the selection of many trophies and awards, the team takes pride in producing ceremonial and gift items, clocks, and display cases. Everyone is able to get an award and we compiled a short list of the best award to give to each type of person.
The best award to give an athlete is a medal. There is a wide range of sports to choose from to engineer into a medal. All medals feature full color highlights with a multi-level design and a free ribbon attached. At Awards Center, we strive to exceed the expectations for medallions in the Louisville, KY area.
A crystal award has a sleek and professional design that will look great on a businessman’s desk, whether to show it off or use it as a paperweight. Company logo and award title will be etched on the award to show phenomenal achievement. Awards Center does provide high-quality engraving in Louisville, KY for awards.
Student Awards

Our sculpture awards are popular among schools. The sculpture awards go from sports to musicals and theaters. We provide bronze sculpture on top of a star-shaped base with a name plot donning it. Our resin award is a black and gold bronze sculpture that lets you have the choice of hanging it on the wall or using it solely as a stand-up award. Lastly, we have a champions ring award that will be a perfect fit for the sports team who’ve won their championship. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Producer of Louisville Name Badges Talks Recognizing the Power of Recognition

What does it imply to your workers when you make the effort every day to acknowledge their achievements of creating the most outstanding trophies in Louisville, KY? Does it make them feel vital? Does it make them feel valued in the office or when their designing new plaques? Yes! Using the power of acknowledgment is an essential key to success for local business owners in the modern world. Workers need to know that their accomplishments aren’t going undetected and here are the benefits of that.

A More Connected Feel to the Firm

When staff members are regularly acknowledged and given thanks for the important duties that they carry out for your business such as producing Louisville plaques, they start to believe that they have a big impact on the firm's standing. Much like running a household, if you're an essential component of the mix you understand that what you do has a strong effect on what others do. Staff members are similar and recognize that their activities not just influence themselves but everybody around them also that are creating trophies in Louisville. Remember to award them with deserving items and they'll come to love the business and its goals considerably more.

A Desire to Be a Part of the Company’s Mission

If everything is working out and you appreciate your job making plaques in Louisville, why leave? A great deal of staff members, no matter how much money they are earning, remain with firms because they take pleasure in the business culture and are valued amongst the group. As a supervisor, if you can remember to reveal to your great staff members the needs that benefit the company, they'll most likely never have a need to give up the work. The method to do this is by frequently thanking them for designing amazing Louisville trophies and providing positive criticism in the areas that they require enhancement.

No Worries about Worth to the Company

Last but not least, as it connects right into the various other two factors above, this factor is extremely vital for those companies producing plaques in Louisville, KY. Workers must never walk into the work environment filled with trophies asking themselves exactly how important they are to the company. They ought to know ahead of time their precise duties, work tasks, and the means to handle issues on their own, especially when dealing with engraving. Showing the light to these by offering them corporate awards and thanking them once in a while will certainly allow them to understand specifically their value and worth to the business. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Supplier of Trophies in Louisville, KY, Lists Top 5 Best Awards to Give

As a leading provider of plaques and trophies in Louisville, KY, Awards Center has a pretty good idea of some of the best types of awards to give. Determining which one is best option is the best for you, your company, or your sports team is tricky, so here are five good award types that will bring joy to any deserving recipient.


Trophies are of course the big winner. Mainly used for sporting events, trophies tend to come in all types of shapes and sizes. If you’re interested in this idea for a competitive event, make sure to talk to Awards Center to learn about the different options. Whether it’s a baseball or basketball event or you need a stack of awards for a derby, going with the trophy option should not be overlooked.


According to the Louisville trophy supplier, plaques are another good option to go with when you looking to reward someone. Plaques can be hung on a wall, refrigerator, or in an office on full display for anyone to pop in and see. They are perfect symbols of achievement that will stand tall as long as you allow them too. Definitely a good gift for a deserving individual.


Once again, if you’re interested in the sporting thing, then medals are a good way to go. Imagine winning that race you’ve been training for weeks for or finally pinning that wrestler who slammed you over and over again. It’s rewarding to have that medal put around your neck. Having something tangible to give like medals, especially during a sporting event, will show those around you that you serious about organizational recognition.


The provider of plaques in Louisville stresses that if you’re not able to afford investing in trophies or medals, printing out simple certificates could do the trick. A certificate, even though not as shiny as a beautiful trophy or medal, is just as special and has so much meaning. On a certificate you can use as much wording as you prefer and really be precise about why the individual is being rewarded. And fortunately certificates can be universal, so using them at sporting events, business meetings, and even showcases is acceptable.

Gift Card

Last but not least, Awards Center urges companies that are trying to cut costs to really invest into gift card options. Yes, it may sound silly at first, but some people actually prefer to receive gift cards rather than certificates, trophies, or plaques. With a gift card you can get even more personal by finding out whatever the award recipient is into and purchasing a gift card from that place. It might be a coffee shop, a technology store, or even their favorite restaurant. Whatever the case, when they open the envelope, they’ll be happy to see what’s inside. The manufacturer of trophies and plaques in Louisville, KY, firmly believes in this option and knows that it will take any organization’s recognition methods to the next level. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Top 3 Reasons to Recognize Employee Accomplishments with an Award

If you're considering patronizing an awards shop in Louisville, KY to reward your staff members for their huge achievements, then you're a clever individual. Rewarding workers after completing difficult jobs is a keystone in business and has actually shown to be an efficient means to encourage employees. Awards Center, a leading awards shop in Louisville, KY, thinks strongly in the belief of employee acknowledgment and has drafted three top reasons to recognize worker’s accomplishments.

Reducing the Turnover Rate

Being a leading awards store in Louisville, KY, Awards Center continuously has neighboring businesses buying items from its racks. Those companies are wise because they recognize that in order to remain in business, you need to reward employees. Rewarding staff members for their efforts could result in much less turnover, which indicates less time invested in interviewing and training new staff. Employees feel like they are valued as well and have meaning when they are praised for their success, which will make them go even harder when it’s crunch time. And according to the awards shop in Louisville, KY, the longer you could maintain excellent staff members, the far better off your company will certainly be.

Increased Production

It's every business’ desire to have an over-efficient team, ready to go above and beyond to generate success. The awards store in Louisville, KY, thinks that when you recognize staff members for their work ethic, they'll intend to do even more of the very same! Production is crucial and drives income, so if somebody in the workplace is assisting with the generation of ample revenue, they need to be recognized for their initiatives. Otherwise, they could really feel as though their input is going undetected, which could lead to low morale. So pay attention to your worker’s achievements by taking note of these suggestions from the awards shop in Louisville, KY.

Better Communication Process

Interaction is vital to the success of any company. If you're not connecting your objectives and goals with your employee’s tasks through communication, just how can anything get done? The awards store in Louisville, KY, believes that gratifying workers could lead to a stronger, more fluid communication process. Staff members feel much more open when going to discuss specific problems or issues with work when they understand that their work is being observed and possibly positively recognized.  They may even aspire to offer input at business meetings and in the workplace as a whole. The reality that they recognize they are being viewed as well as potentially compensated for their efforts helps them grasp tightly onto the business’ vision, according to the awards shop in Louisville, KY.

Get Started, Visit An Awards Store Now!

The awards store in Louisville, KY, emphasizes that it's not too late to begin acknowledging your staff members! If you really feel as though an awards event is long past due, set one up! If you think that somebody in your business has exceeded expectations in their position, allow them to shine! Recognizing staff member achievements, as stated by the awards shop in Louisville, KY, could cause much less turn over, much better production, and better interaction: three components to the success of any business. So if you have not begun yet, visit the awards store in Louisville, KY, for all your recognition items. Awards Center, Louisville, KY's best awards store, has got your back! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Corporate Awards in Louisville KY

The benefits that Corporate Awards in Louisville KY can bring as a marketing tool have been frequently discussed in the industry for years. As well as rewarding customers and enhancing the company's brand, they are an important way of spreading the word about a business.

As well as their use as a marketing tool, Corporate Awards in Louisville KY plays a big role in staff motivation, helping to increase productivity and drive sales. Whether they are used to reward the company high flyer or to provide an incentive for a sales team, these awards should be looked at as an important way of driving productivity in every workplace.

Corporate Awards Benefits:

A company's success depends on its employees and their abilities. With the incentive of a corporate award or corporate gift you attract and retain current employees to pursue for more in the workplace. 

Things to consider when giving a Corporate Award:

How many times do you give the award? Most companies have an annual corporate dinner or function where Corporate Awards in Louisville KY are given out. This would be the best time to show your appreciation.

What type of recognition do you want the award to represent? You definitely want to make this award stand out and make it represent the kind of hard work that was accomplished. What kind of statement do you want to the corporate award to make? You want it to make it so that everyone else will strive for that award next year. A statement shows gratitude but also envy.

When giving corporate gifts as achievement awards, it's infinitely better if a specific achievement has been met that warrants the act. Common occasions for giving corporate gifts are milestones in the length of employment: maybe ten, twenty, or even fifty years at a company.

From the small business to the major corporation, Corporate Awards in Louisville KY will have an increased performance level. No company should underestimate the power of corporate awards. Your business will gain a critical view of your operations and challenge to improve the business and company as a whole.

Benefits of Corporate Gifts:

As major holidays are approaching, many companies will be thinking about giving your customers (and possibly employees) corporate gifts. Sending corporate gifts does not always have to be thought about during the holidays. Many other occasions such as referrals, completion of a project, customer's birthday or even a business anniversary can be acceptable times to send a gift. When sending the gift, make sure that you add a personal touch, as this can go a long way. Include a hand-written note, or wrap the gift yourself. You can even present the gift in person to give it that extra touch. There are not a lot of do's or don't when sending a corporate gift but the key is to make sure that the added touch is there to show the person that you are grateful for what has been accomplished.

Companies should not underestimate the power of business awards and gifts. Not only does Corporate Awards in Louisville KY show true appreciation, it makes other employees strive to become a standout in their field. Sending corporate gifts also reassures your thanks to the employee or client that you appreciate the hard work and dedication that it takes to run the business. These kind gestures will not only build your relationships but it will help you build the company by utilizing its maximum potential.