Thursday, September 22, 2016

You won’t believe what Awards Center of Louisville has done this time

Around three to four years ago, we at the RRTG decided to start handing out trophies during our tailgates. Trophies…. at a tailgate? Yes! Every tailgate, we award a Tailgate MVP trophy to the person most deserving. It could be that you brought some food that was incredible. Maybe you sang a beautiful rendition of “How Can We Be Lovers” by Michael Bolton!

Perhaps you put out a fire that kept the whole tailgate from burning to the ground (actually happened). Whatever the reason, we hand out an MVP every game. The trophies started out as your pretty standard trophy.

But once we formed a sponsorship with Jason Malone and his staff at Awards Center, the trophies really started to become ridiculous! The stuff they can do with really any type of award is incredible. Every time we pick the trophies up, our jaws usually hit the floor. Last year they came up with these beauties.

As you can see, they are really badass and actually quite beautiful. People in general love getting any type of award but when they see these, their excitement level is off the charts. It’s funny because almost every time we hand it out, people don’t realize they get to actually keep it. We’re guessing the quality is so great the recipients can’t believe we just give them away. As you can see below, they get very excited.

Last season we started awarding “Tailgate of The Week” trophies along with our usual tailgate MVP and as you can guess, those also went over very well!

Not only has Awards Center done a fantastic job on the MVP awards, they’ve also done some really cool special edition awards for us.

For the Music City Bowl, they came up with a Nashville themed trophy. We can’t lie, when we first saw this we wanted to keep it for ourselves. Really that’s the case most of the time. Their stuff is just that good. After coming up with the MCB trophy they turn around and come up with another off the wall, but insanely awesome trophy for our Bloody Mary Challenge during the spring game tailgate.

Honestly you really don’t even need to give these guys much direction. They have a really talented staff, and they aren’t limited to your everyday trophy either. They have all kinds of cool stuff they can do for you. They made us mini cornhole boards.

And now even engrave Yeti, RTIC and Ozark products. Check out this personalized RRTG cup.

Once again this season, Awards Center is stepping their game up even more. The MVP trophies for the Charlotte game were super sweet.

But the Championship belts they are making for the FSU game might be the most beautiful site these eyes have ever seen.

So if you’re reading this and are in need of any kind of award, trophy, championship belts, championship rings, really anything you can think of, please stop by 4415 St. Rita Drive and give our guy Jason a shout. He and his awesome staff at Awards Center will certainly take great care of you. We know we wouldn’t go any place else!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Contact Awards Center for Trophies in Louisville KY

Do you need help with finding the best trophies for any special events you are holding in the Louisville KY area? Awards Center will help you with finding a solution for any trophy or gift needs you have.

Awards Center has all sorts of options for every occasion. Whether it’s about recognizing an individual, a group or any other entity, you can contact us at Awards Center for your demands for trophies in Louisville KY. These are available for all sorts of occasions including for promotional events, celebrations and much more. The variety of items we have to offer will certainly fit your needs from name badges to Plaques .

We at Awards Center have been making all kinds of trophies and other items for people around Louisville since 1983. We focus on making custom-made items for all sorts of events. These are designed with a strong attention to detail and also involve plenty of bright accents and features to make all of what we have to create stand out. You will be surprised at how well our trophies and other items are made for your demands.

What Trophies Do We Have?

We have all kinds of specialty trophies Louisville KY for your special award needs. We have dozens of options that come with a variety of metallic coverings and solid bases. Some added color effects can be included too.These trophies include great options that cover all sorts of things. We have trophies shaped like cups, for instance. We also have trophies featuring models of both male and female athletes participating in a variety of different sports. From soccer to baseball to lacrosse, we have trophies for all sorts of demands. We also have specialty name badges and plaques. You may also be surprised at how affordable they are. Many of these can be ordered in sets for less than ten dollars for each award.

Don’t Forget Other Great Awards!

We have many other awards for a variety of occasions as well. For starters, we have specialty plaques that include beautiful wooden finishes and great metallic plates. These can be engraved with practically anything you demand. Bronze castings can be used to create special signs. These can be engraved with three-dimensional artwork pieces. We also serve customers and clients with specialty name badges Louisville KY. 

Medals are available to acknowledge the efforts of your team. These medals include ones engraved with a variety of sports scenes and symbols of various academic or artistic disciplines. These are made with three-dimensional designs too. Glass and acrylic awards are available too. These are made with beautiful and reflective surfaces. They can also be engraved with detailed images too.

Look At Our Other Items!

We also have many other items here at Awards Center that can be engraved for many special occasions. We also specialize in plaques and name badges Louisville KY. We proudly offer clocks, desk accessories, name tags and badges and specialty pins and patches. Just send us information on the designs or details you want and we will provide you with a proper solution.

Get in touch with us at Awards Center if you’re looking for awards in Louisville KY for any occasion. We are located at 4415 Saint Rita Drive in Louisville. You can also contact us by phone at 502-966-2040 if you need added help as needed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Necessity of Name Badges Louisville KY

Name Badges Louisville KY are those things that possess great utility in any business or non-business environment where many people work together especially for the Trophies Louisville KY business. There are plenty of designs and styles of name badges available that caters to different organization’s needs. They surely deliver excellent service with the help of our Trophies Louisville KY. The various scenarios where you can commonly find profound usage of these objects are gatherings (social or business), conferences, seminars and most importantly the work space.

For a new company, letting your employees wear name badges will really be a big help because it will create a friendly environment for customers. Before everything else, customers are the primary focus of a business. Without customers, the business industry will never exist. Name badges are not only worn for the purpose of identification, it is also one of the moving forces to make a business successful.

In this world, the Trophies Louisville KY competition is very tough; you have to step it up if you want to stand out. If you created a Plaques Louisville KY business which is common, then you have to find ways in order to make it the best because there are no rooms for more than one. One thing that you can try is through the use of name tags. Productivity is always affected when employees don't wear some sort of identification cards because it's hard for effective communication to occur. This is true with large establishments where employees have to remember so many names. Customers will also be more inclined to buy a certain product or service that is sold when they know the name of the person who is selling it. Name tags can also represent Trophies Louisville KY or the sales message in a creative manner. In choosing these tools, you can use colorful designs with bold and attractive fonts to catch the attention of prospective buyers.

There are times when customers and employees develop a relationship beyond the working environment; a deeper bond of friendship is also established. Because there is someone that they can trust inside the corporate enterprise, tendency is, they will stick to the company because they have someone to turn to whenever they have queries or they are able to gain honest advice in Plaques Louisville KY that they plan to purchase. Loyal customers are also direct promoters of Plaques Louisville KY. You might ask how? Verbal testimonials and compliments are still the best kinds of promotion that you can get, because your clients are satisfied, they will also spread the word to their friends and families and in turn, these people will also tell their friends and families as well. With every verbal promotion your client network also increases. All this is possible because of one very simple identification tool - name badges.

Customers will not be afraid to purchase something in your shop as well because they know that in the event where they are not entertained or treated with respect, they will be able to report the name of the person responsible. Name Badges Louisville KY can also be used for security purposes because you will be able to identify which people are your employees and those who are not. In this way it's easier to identify outsiders, robbers and culprits.For more information, visit Awards Center at 4415 Saint Rita Drive, Louisville, KY 40219, call (502) 966-2040 or visit our website at

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Reasons to Use Awards Center in Louisville, KY

People have been visiting Awards Center in Louisville, KY since 1983, the year of its inauguration, to get quality products that can be used for rewarding others. The quality products they can get from Award Center may include crystal, awards, plaque, acrylic, corporate awards, medals, trophies, unique gifts, advertising specialties and name badges Louisville KY. You can select recognition products and awards from the large collection of this center according to the requirement of your event. You can get perfect awards engraved with the name of your establishment or event organisation free of cost to be distributed among the members of a department or team.

You can get wide variety of recognition's products from the Award center which can be customized by engraving your message on them. They have competent designing and engraving staff to design all types of plaques, trophies, medallions, acrylic awards and name badges Louisville KY according to your needs. Along with customizing your products through engraving job they also promise to provide customized awards designed by you by using your creative expertise. In this way the Award Center promises to provide quality recognition products along with high class service to its customers.

Award Center, the awards company in Louisville, KY, has experienced considerable increase in
demand for its products containing ��The Greatest’ remark after the death of Muhammad Ali, the boxing legend, social and political activist, who died recently in Louisville. The residents of Louisville, the hometown of Muhammad Ali, have purchased these products from Award Center to pay their respect and homage to the great boxer who represented this city and passed away recently at the age of 74 years.

In fact rewards are the best way to pay respect to the courage, bravery, determination and hard works shown by others during their lifetime which should get reasonable recognition. Award Center, Louisville, KY makes the things possible by providing wide range of products to reward the deserving group of people or an individual with worthy recognition. It can be a daunting task to find out right person for an award but to get suitable rewards for any occasion has become easier through the Award Center.

In fact, Award Center recognizes the importance of an award for the recipient. So they design each and every recognition product whether it is a trophy, acrylic award, plaque or name badges Louisville KY, carefully so that they can boost the grace of the event along with the honor of the recipient. You can choose from the list of their templates to find out a unique message to give a personalized look to your awards by engraving your special message on them.

In this way, the Award Center, Louisville, KY not only deals in making and selling various types of recognition's products but also developing relationship with its customers so that they may visit again and again to buy trophies, awards and name badges Louisville, KY for any event. In order to get more information in this regard you can contact Awards Center at 4415 Saint Rita Drive, Louisville, KY 40219 or call Jason Malone at (502) 966-2040 or email at