Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Contact Awards Center for Trophies in Louisville KY

Do you need help with finding the best trophies for any special events you are holding in the Louisville KY area? Awards Center will help you with finding a solution for any trophy or gift needs you have.

Awards Center has all sorts of options for every occasion. Whether it’s about recognizing an individual, a group or any other entity, you can contact us at Awards Center for your demands for trophies in Louisville KY. These are available for all sorts of occasions including for promotional events, celebrations and much more. The variety of items we have to offer will certainly fit your needs from name badges to Plaques .

We at Awards Center have been making all kinds of trophies and other items for people around Louisville since 1983. We focus on making custom-made items for all sorts of events. These are designed with a strong attention to detail and also involve plenty of bright accents and features to make all of what we have to create stand out. You will be surprised at how well our trophies and other items are made for your demands.

What Trophies Do We Have?

We have all kinds of specialty trophies Louisville KY for your special award needs. We have dozens of options that come with a variety of metallic coverings and solid bases. Some added color effects can be included too.These trophies include great options that cover all sorts of things. We have trophies shaped like cups, for instance. We also have trophies featuring models of both male and female athletes participating in a variety of different sports. From soccer to baseball to lacrosse, we have trophies for all sorts of demands. We also have specialty name badges and plaques. You may also be surprised at how affordable they are. Many of these can be ordered in sets for less than ten dollars for each award.

Don’t Forget Other Great Awards!

We have many other awards for a variety of occasions as well. For starters, we have specialty plaques that include beautiful wooden finishes and great metallic plates. These can be engraved with practically anything you demand. Bronze castings can be used to create special signs. These can be engraved with three-dimensional artwork pieces. We also serve customers and clients with specialty name badges Louisville KY. 

Medals are available to acknowledge the efforts of your team. These medals include ones engraved with a variety of sports scenes and symbols of various academic or artistic disciplines. These are made with three-dimensional designs too. Glass and acrylic awards are available too. These are made with beautiful and reflective surfaces. They can also be engraved with detailed images too.

Look At Our Other Items!

We also have many other items here at Awards Center that can be engraved for many special occasions. We also specialize in plaques and name badges Louisville KY. We proudly offer clocks, desk accessories, name tags and badges and specialty pins and patches. Just send us information on the designs or details you want and we will provide you with a proper solution.

Get in touch with us at Awards Center if you’re looking for awards in Louisville KY for any occasion. We are located at 4415 Saint Rita Drive in Louisville. You can also contact us by phone at 502-966-2040 if you need added help as needed.

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