Friday, June 9, 2017

Supplier of Trophies in Louisville, KY, Lists Top 5 Best Awards to Give

As a leading provider of plaques and trophies in Louisville, KY, Awards Center has a pretty good idea of some of the best types of awards to give. Determining which one is best option is the best for you, your company, or your sports team is tricky, so here are five good award types that will bring joy to any deserving recipient.


Trophies are of course the big winner. Mainly used for sporting events, trophies tend to come in all types of shapes and sizes. If you’re interested in this idea for a competitive event, make sure to talk to Awards Center to learn about the different options. Whether it’s a baseball or basketball event or you need a stack of awards for a derby, going with the trophy option should not be overlooked.


According to the Louisville trophy supplier, plaques are another good option to go with when you looking to reward someone. Plaques can be hung on a wall, refrigerator, or in an office on full display for anyone to pop in and see. They are perfect symbols of achievement that will stand tall as long as you allow them too. Definitely a good gift for a deserving individual.


Once again, if you’re interested in the sporting thing, then medals are a good way to go. Imagine winning that race you’ve been training for weeks for or finally pinning that wrestler who slammed you over and over again. It’s rewarding to have that medal put around your neck. Having something tangible to give like medals, especially during a sporting event, will show those around you that you serious about organizational recognition.


The provider of plaques in Louisville stresses that if you’re not able to afford investing in trophies or medals, printing out simple certificates could do the trick. A certificate, even though not as shiny as a beautiful trophy or medal, is just as special and has so much meaning. On a certificate you can use as much wording as you prefer and really be precise about why the individual is being rewarded. And fortunately certificates can be universal, so using them at sporting events, business meetings, and even showcases is acceptable.

Gift Card

Last but not least, Awards Center urges companies that are trying to cut costs to really invest into gift card options. Yes, it may sound silly at first, but some people actually prefer to receive gift cards rather than certificates, trophies, or plaques. With a gift card you can get even more personal by finding out whatever the award recipient is into and purchasing a gift card from that place. It might be a coffee shop, a technology store, or even their favorite restaurant. Whatever the case, when they open the envelope, they’ll be happy to see what’s inside. The manufacturer of trophies and plaques in Louisville, KY, firmly believes in this option and knows that it will take any organization’s recognition methods to the next level. 

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